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This can´t be something good/ Chapter One

Next day I was really relieved, but when I entered for the principal door everybody stopped  talking and looked  at me…

“What the hell?” I thought, “ just keep walking, keep walking” I said softly. But they just do this until I enter to the class room and sat. But… my chair … came down the moment I sat, had been removed screws. “Seriously?!” I said I'm upset.

Later when I went to lunch, the table in the cafeteria where I usually used, disappeared.  “This can not be happening to me…” I said with angry…

Feliks: just we go to eat in the stairs…

You: No…. I don´t have hungry

Feliks: but-

You: Feliks I don´t feel in the mood to eat! How could lunch after all ?

Feliks: Sorry, I guess this is not, like, the first bad thing that happened  to you today? Be-because we are all right, I supposed that the mark of BTT is only for you. But don´t worry we gonna help-

Before Feliks finished the sentence just I get out of there, I went to the top floor and terrace.

"Damn it! DAMN IT! All this time I just tried not to take anything with those bastards! And now this!" * I started to cry a little bit* "Hate them! HATE-"

***: Hey could you be quiet please?

You: Ha?! * Slowly I turned around, and saw on one side … was Antonio

Antonio: Just I ask silence, ok?

I was standing there with nothing to responses  him

Antonio: Well this is actually my private place… so If you can go, that would be really appreciated *he smiled*

I started walking at the door really wanted to cry.

Antonio: Mmm… ok

You: ha?

Antonio: Is ok if you stay here, I guess that you not had a good day… but just for today, see ya chica!


“What was that?” I thought and stayed there for a while.

-Skipe time

During a week, they hide my clothes when I was in the showers after gym class, every body throw me water ballons, from the high floors too, that hurts!... and a lot of silly things more.  Now today I was early in the class room, we had a test, when I was writing I saw for the person next to me and suddenly she said“ teacher! _________ is copying my test! “

You: Haaaaaaa? that is not true!

Teacher: __________  go to the regency now!

I stand really angry, when I opened the door a bucket of cold water fell on me. Of course everything was planned by the time I came out.

I ran to the terrace again, Antonio wasn´t there, probably he was in class. But I stayed there again, I did not wanted to see anyone.  I didn´t noticed how long time passed when I heard Antonio´s voice, but he wasn´t alone, I heard Gilbert and Francis too. “This can’t be good”. Quickly I hide in a corner. When they come in.

Gil: Haaaaa * yawning* Hey how was the party last night?

Francis: Was a great time, don´t you think Toni?

Antonio: Sure! Even when Lovino ignored me all night. But I think you had a great time with Arthur, he was really drunk. *He laughed*

Francis: Really, really drunk, I enjoyed that hononon. But Gil I saw you too quiet last night, why? you are not like that

Gil: nothing, just…

Antonio: Juuust the situation with “that” girl?

Gilbert: Haaaaa?!  Why you think so? The awesome me can´t be affected for this kind of situation.

Antonio: Is the first time that a girl received the mark… why she? Was Feliks who-

Gilbert: I pretty sure about what I´m doing! She deserves this! That bitch-

Francis: Hey, don´t be mean with the pretty girls

Antonio: Maybe you overreacted…

Gilbert: WHAT?? I overreacted? Fick dich guys!

Francis: Yeih! That sounds good.

Antonio: He said F-I-C-K  no f*ck Francis.

Francis: Anyway sounds sexy-

Gilbert: Shut up you two! Now go to eat-

Antonio: Oh I will stay here for a while, see ya chicos!

He walking around when…

Antonio: Hey what are you doing here, I said you stay away from here- *When he saw me with clothes and hair wet*

You: Sorry! * I started to walk to door.

Antonio: Hey wait… have you heard all we talked?

I nodded.

Antonio: I see, well now we know that Gil will not stop bullying you… so sorry.

You: How… how long it´s gonna  take?

Antonio: I don´t know, sometimes Gil take someone to be his personal bully, like Roderich…

*I started to cry*

You: I lost an important test… and now you say that he doesn´t gonna stop this…

Antonio: Hey, I know it can be hard, but-

You:  You don´t know! He is your friend! You don´t have any idea how feels that everybody is annoying with you! Why he is so mean?!

Antonio: He wasn´t mean…

You: What?

Antonio: He was not in this way, he turned this when Eliza…well nothing… Just he is not so mean how you think.

I lowered my head, when I felt the arms of Antonio around me. He hugged me?... Was... so cute. “ Is all right, I will talk with him ok?, but now la niña bonita tiene parar de llorar, si?” he said. “Ha?” I said confused. “ I said now the pretty girl can stop crying, please?” He smiled. “Ok… ok” I chuckled and blushed.

Maybe Antonio can help me to fix this… I hope so..
Her we go the chapter 1, just trying to make this better, my way to write...

I hope u like it!

(Intro): BTT x Reader: Hate! and Love? (Intro)
Just  unnoticed / Intro 
Finally! the bell rang for lunch, I  lowered the ladder quietly  when someone screamed “FIGHT”
And everybody ran to the cafeteria to see this.
“Seriously, again… another fight courtesy of BTT, Yeih!…” I thought, tired of this kind of situation.
You: “Hey Feliks, what happened now?”
Feliks: “Mmm? Hey __________  you were there” he giggled. “ Well it sounds like,  yesterday  someone stepped on, accidentally, Gilbert´s  shoe”
***: R- Really? That is all? *Said a guy I never see before*
Feliks: “Oh sorry _________  I didn´t introduced you to Toris, Toris she is, like totally, my best friend ______ “
Toris: Nice to meet you *he smiled*
You:  Hi Toris
Feliks: He is new in the school and he looks like totally funny.
Toris: Haha thanks.. he smirked nervously.
You: So this is only for that stupid reason? You see Toris the “BTT” are students of last year, th

Next: BTT x Reader: Hate! and Love? Ch. 2
A suspicious friend/ Chapter Two
After another horribly day, just wanted to leave to go home now, but someone is calling and approaching at me…
Antonio: Hey!____________
You: Antonio? Hi
Antonio: Hi! How are you?
You: No too bad… * I looked down tired*
Antonio: I see * he had a face of pity on me* well, what do you say if I'll walk you home?
You: mmm ok… think so… but what´s if Gil sees you… with me?
Antonio: Ha… well he is in soccer practice right now, so is fine *he smiled* Let´s go!
After a few streets walking with him, I was thinking if somewhere my classmates will be there waiting to do me something. But at least, Antonio was being really nice and charming… and that´s is weird. Why is he being so kind with me... is a trap? I need to hurry it up
Antonio: Something wrong? Of whom are you hiding?
You: Well I heard that some guys will go to bothering me after school…
Antonio: I don´t thin

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