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Submitted on
November 3, 2013
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A suspicious friend/ Chapter Two

After another horribly day, just wanted to leave to go home now, but someone is calling and approaching at me…

Antonio: Hey!____________

You: Antonio? Hi

Antonio: Hi! How are you?

You: No too bad… * I looked down tired*

Antonio: I see * he had a face of pity on me* well, what do you say if I'll walk you home?

You: mmm ok… think so… but what´s if Gil sees you… with me?

Antonio: Ha… well he is in soccer practice right now, so is fine *he smiled* Let´s go!

After a few streets walking with him, I was thinking if somewhere my classmates will be there waiting to do me something. But at least, Antonio was being really nice and charming… and that´s is weird. Why is he being so kind with me... is a trap? I need to hurry it up

Antonio: Something wrong? Of whom are you hiding?

You: Well I heard that some guys will go to bothering me after school…

Antonio: I don´t think that they will dare, since you are with me preciosa…

You: Seriously?

Antonio: Yep! Don´t worry about that now * he smiled at me making me blush*

He was being such a gentleman…

You: It´s just me or you were waiting for me after class when I came out?

Antonio: Well… maybe…

You: Wait a minute didn´t has soccer practice too, with Gilbert and Francis?

Antonio: maybe…

Great! He missed his training to "just to walk me home"? Now is officially a weird situation, even think he is trying to protect me… but for real? I never thought about Antonio as a friend, it can´t be a trap… he looks so sincere...

Antonio: So this is your house? Looks nice, preciosa

You: yeah… *jeez the confusing thoughts are killing me* Well thanks for the help, it´s really appreciated Antonio

Antonio: Call me Toni, linda

You: hahaha *nervous laugh*  

Linda? preciosa? Does he is flirting with me?

You: Well see ya!

Antonio: Hey wait! I was wondering if sometime we can hang out, what you say?

You: Wow are you asking me a date?

Anotonio: maybe...

You: … Oh Lord, I can see the fulminant Gilbert´s sight staring at you *I laugh and looked away*

Antonio: Hey! Gil doesn´t need to know about it, will be a secret, a secret date…

You: I… will… think… I´ll tell you later, ok? Bye!

Antonio: hey wait! but-

Before he could finish the sentence I shut the door in his face... but I still heard his voice out side

Antonio: Hey ___________! I just wanted to say that tomorrow the Nordic guys, will throw you to the pool… that’s what Gilbert said… ok? Bueno … adios

Wtf?! He is warning me? and what about a secret date?... Right now I don´t know if should I consider Antonio as a friend… maybe an allied, in these situation I need one, and who is better than a close Gilbert´s friend, but in that way he is acting like a traitor with the BTT… but think, sometimes the boys hormones are stronger than their reason itself… so he will doing all this stuff just because I´m a “linda chica” to  him… * sigh* well I have no better option, or is “Toni”  as a friend with the possibility that it can it better thank to him or... get it worst, if I still handling all by myself… right now I will take this advantage, I may be being insightful and manipulative, but better to be one step ahead of them, right now I will consider Toni as a suspicious friend…
Here we go the chapter 2, itīs more related Spain at the moment ...  :iconsleepyspainplz: , but you will see more of Prussia later

I hope u like it!

Prev: BTT x Reader: Hate! and Love? Ch. 1
This canīt be something good/ Chapter One
Next day I was really relieved, but when I entered for the principal door everybody stopped  talking and looked  at me…
“What the hell?” I thought, “ just keep walking, keep walking” I said softly. But they just do this until I enter to the class room and sat. But… my chair … came down the moment I sat, had been removed screws. “Seriously?!” I said I'm upset.
Later when I went to lunch, the table in the cafeteria where I usually used, disappeared.  “This can not be happening to me…” I said with angry…
Feliks: just we go to eat in the stairs…
You: No…. I donīt have hungry
Feliks: but-
You: Feliks I donīt feel in the mood to eat! How could lunch after all ?
Feliks: Sorry, I guess this is not, like, the first bad thing that happened  to you today? Be-because we are all right, I supposed that the mark of BTT is only for you. But donīt

Next: BTT x Reader: Hate! and Love? Ch. 3
What are we pretending?/ Chapter Three
After a few days, still awful, except for Feliks and Toris, they help me whenever they can, but is not enough. But someone else has been helping me lately... Antonio.
Some days he spent his lunch time with me in the terrace and keeps me informed about  Gilbert´s plans to torture me.
At least was Friday, no more school for the weekend. I was taking my stuff  in front of my locker when…
Toni: Hola ___________, how are you been?
You: Fine… well you know… still suffering * I laugh nervous*
Toni: Well, I was wondering if you thought about my proposal?
You: About the secret date
Toni: Shuuust! Don´t say it so loud!
You: * I laugh* of course…. Well… yeah … think so..
Toni:Great! I will see you tomorrow, in this adress *he gives me a note*  3:00 pm, ok? See ya!
Then he gives me a kiss in my cheek…
You: Hey don´t do that!
Toni: Hahaha do what? You look like

Comment Before You Favourite by BoffinbraiN

Btw here is the picture
of the cover too : Bad Friend Trio - Call of love by Zamarazula
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Kat-the-Great29 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2014
Nordics why ;A; I thought we were cool...
YenBeilschmidt Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I screamed "Ohhhhh!!" really loudly when he asked me for a date~ XD
Zamarazula Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Really? XD glad to know you liked that much!
Isnīt he lovely, even when he acts behind Gil ^^
YenBeilschmidt Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
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Next chapter ? Please ?
Zamarazula Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014  Student Digital Artist
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Do you think you are going to continue this story (•-•)/ <3
I really love it!
Zamarazula Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Iīm glad u like it!
Well, I think Iīll upload the next part by tomorrow ^^
sorry for the late
animeloverme Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2013  Student General Artist
What's a "Linda chica.." and that "Preciosa"?
Zamarazula Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Well it means "beautiful girl" and "dear" :)
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