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What are we pretending?/ Chapter Three

After a few days, still awful, except for Feliks and Toris, they help me whenever they can, but is not enough. But someone else has been helping me lately... Antonio.

Some days he spent his lunch time with me in the terrace and keeps me informed about  Gilbert´s plans to torture me.

At least was Friday, no more school for the weekend. I was taking my stuff  in front of my locker when…

Toni: Hola ___________, how are you been?

You: Fine… well you know… still suffering * I laugh nervous*

Toni: Well, I was wondering if you thought about my proposal?

You: About the secret date

Toni: Shuuust! Don´t say it so loud!

You: * I laugh* of course…. Well… yeah … think so..

Toni:Great! I will see you tomorrow, in this adress *he gives me a note*  3:00 pm, ok? See ya!

Then he gives me a kiss in my cheek…

You: Hey don´t do that!

Toni: Hahaha do what? You look like a tomato!

You: Shut up!

Ok then a secret date, how bad can it be! I think I should keep him on my side,at least seems to be what he wants,  even behind Gilbert... still weird, but I´ll watch out if it is a trap…

- Later that day -

Antonio P.O.V.
Finished the soccer training, feeling a little bit guilty since I couldn´t take ________ home… I hope she´s ok, but I could be kind of weird if I leave the practice again...

Francis: Hey guys, Arthur and I went a new place the other night, nice music, nice ambient, sexy girls… and boys

Gilbert: Stop that!  is an awesome place! I get it!

Francis: We should go there to party all night long

Gilbert: Sure! but first let's play video games at my place, 3:00 pm, ok?

Francis: Of course...Toni 3:00 pm, ok?

Toni: Haa well… actually I planned to do something with… Lovino… I can´t … sorry guys

Gilbert: What?! But we always hang out on saturday to suffer the hangover together on sunday…

Francis. Why don´t you bring Lovino with us?

Toni: No, it´s something to do with Feliciano too, it´s complicated guys…

Gilbert: Ok, but you owe us one!

Toni: I'll do whatever you ask me another day * he smiled*

Francis: Whatever? Really? hummm *he smirked*

Gilbert: Hey you two perverts! Don´t flirt in front of me!

Toni: We are not…

Francis: Why? Are you jealous Gilbo?

Gilbert: What?!

Toni: Well I better be going , bye guys!

I´m not a good liar, definitely Gilbert suspects something, but _________ worth it

- Time skip -

Saturday,  3:23 minutes, when finally Toni came…

You: You are late

Toni: Am I? ohh sorry * he smiled*... You look angry

You:  You think?

Toni: I´m  really sorry, I will reward you

You: mmm... we will see

We started walking by the place he took me, the "Spanish Garden", a botanical park, very pretty. We spend all day talking, we had a picnic, he planned this really well. Toni is really funny, kind and friendly, I ´m changing my point of view of him, I couldn´t stop laughing with him… now he is talking about his childhood…

You: Hahahaha oh my!, are you serious?

Toni: Yes, Lovino did that to me… hahaha

You: He always does those kind of things! Why you still being friend of him?

Toni: I don´t know! hahaha

You: But Francis and Gilbert don´t helped you?

Toni: No really, sometimes I think they like to laugh of me too

You: They are bad friends!

Toni: Not it all, we are friends since we were kids, we are very close, they are my best friends, I really trust them * he looked down*

You: How do you meet them?

Toni: Was, actually was really funny… I thought that Francis was a girl…

You: What? Hahaha

Toni: It wasn't my fault, he looked like a girl until he was 12! but I remember that I went to talk with him , and ask if he want to be my “girlfriend”, because ”she” was really beautiful, I even gave him a flower… that was when I was 8…

You: Hahahaha

Toni: And you don´t even know what happened to Gilbert!  

You: What happened to him?

Toni: He thought that Feliks was a girl too, you know for the pink things, ponies, also he used skirts before…

You: WHAT? he didn´t tell me that!

Toni: Haha yeah! Gilbert and us, bullied him a lot! Until he dated Yekaterina, Ivan´s sister, that surprise us… cuz all of us wanted date her, cuz she have big boobs-

You: Ok, I get it! But how did you meet Gilbert?

Toni: First Francis and I become friends, when we saw Gilbert playing alone, sometimes with Ludwig, but he had not too many friends. So we invite him to play with us… we understood the why he didn´t like too much to others,he was selfish,   stubborn, dominant, egocentric, conceited and cocky

You: But still-

Toni: But more than that he always was loyal with us and he would do anything for the people he cares, that´s why he became in our friend..

You:  I don´t know what to say…

Toni: I do, tell me since when you like Gilbert?

You: What?! Why you think so???

Toni: *he smiled* Come on! Sometimes I caught you looking at us… well looking at Gilbert

You: That doesn´t mean that I like him!

Toni: Also I heard once, Bella asked you, "who do you like?” you answered…

You: Gilbert… but I said that before... now I don´t think the same

Toni: I see…

How he could noticed that?  I liked, even with all the character defects that he have, but now is torturing me, so I hate him!

Toni: It was nice… next time we should go to other places, I know a place where make the best paella ever!

You: Sure.. why not? * I rolled eyes*

Toni: What happens?

You: Nothing, just I thought it wasn´t a date after all…

Toni: Why you say that?

You:  You brought Gilbert´s theme to conversation

Toni: Ohh that, well I said that cuz… I think you likes him…

You: Sure! What a crazy theory you have!

Toni:*He looked down and smiled* It´s hard to explain now… and I know how it´s gonna sound, so I´ll tell you later. But consider this a date, preciosa, I think you are a pretty girl, but we will see how this going.

You: Think so

Suddenly I feel him really close and he kiss me one the lips, I couldn’t say a single word, he just say that he thinks that Gilbert likes me, but he is kissing me now, that´s no have sence…

Later he went like nothing happened and we'll continue pretending that we ignore each other.

Return to school at monday I was with Feliks and Toris at the cafeteria, when  Toni sits in our table.

Toni: Hi! __________ hi guys

Feliks: what… are … you... doing here?

Toni: Well I thought eat with you, can I? *he smiled*

Everybody is watching us, and Gilbert have a "WTF!"face , and I just can think “Toni what are you thinking?”
Finally  the chapter 3,  sorry for the late!
My first fan fic of  2014 ^^

Let me know what you think ^^

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A suspicious friend/ Chapter Two
After another horribly day, just wanted to leave to go home now, but someone is calling and approaching at me…
Antonio: Hey!____________
You: Antonio? Hi
Antonio: Hi! How are you?
You: No too bad… * I looked down tired*
Antonio: I see * he had a face of pity on me* well, what do you say if I'll walk you home?
You: mmm ok… think so… but what´s if Gil sees you… with me?
Antonio: Ha… well he is in soccer practice right now, so is fine *he smiled* Let´s go!
After a few streets walking with him, I was thinking if somewhere my classmates will be there waiting to do me something. But at least, Antonio was being really nice and charming… and that´s is weird. Why is he being so kind with me... is a trap? I need to hurry it up
Antonio: Something wrong? Of whom are you hiding?
You: Well I heard that some guys will go to bothering me after school…
Antonio: I don´t thin

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Is enough!/ Chapter Four
Toni is near to have some troubles with Gilbert when he decided to sit on my table, acting like nothing is wrong, I can see Gilbert talking with Francis and how mad he is…
Gilbert: What is he doing there?!... Francis?
Francis: What?! I don’t know
Gilbert: Why is he sitting with those losers and with she… * staring at Francis*
Francis: Why you ask me? I have no idea, but I can go to bring him
Gilbert: No, we will talk with him later, now just ignore them…
Francis: I can do that but I´m sure that YOU can´t  *he smirk*
Gilbert: Shut up…
Of course I can don’t mind of it for a while… but for a reason  I´m just staring at there… even __________  is looking at here too…
Later that day
Antonio´s P.O.V.
I´m going down the stairs, while I´m texting with___________ , she is still kind of surprise by what I did, but right no

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Btw here is the picture
of the cover too : Spain: El Pais de la Pasion by Zamarazula

I hope u like it!
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