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Is enough!/ Chapter Four

Toni is near to have some troubles with Gilbert when he decided to sit on my table, acting like nothing is wrong, I can see Gilbert talking with Francis and how mad he is…


Gilbert: What is he doing there?!... Francis?

Francis: What?! I don’t know

Gilbert: Why is he sitting with those losers and with she… * staring at Francis*

Francis: Why you ask me? I have no idea, but I can go to bring him

Gilbert: No, we will talk with him later, now just ignore them…

Francis: I can do that but I´m sure that YOU can´t  *he smirk*

Gilbert: Shut up…

Of course I can don’t mind of it for a while… but for a reason  I´m just staring at there… even __________  is looking at here too…

Later that day

Antonio´s P.O.V.

I´m going down the stairs, while I´m texting with___________ , she is still kind of surprise by what I did, but right now I can´t tell her everything… When I bend the corner of the hall I came face to face with…

Toni: Gil! Wha- what are you doing here? *I smiled nervous*

Gilbert: … *he had an angry face and crossed arms* Start to explain…

Toni: Explain what?

Gil: TONI!

Toni: Ok, ok… *sigh * you gonna hit me on my face, aren´t you?

Gil: Mmm… I´m thinking… * he take his sleeves up*

Toni: Francis help me *I said nervous*

Francis: * he take apart Gilbert* just tell us what happened, why you were … there…

Toni: Ok… I will…

Time Skip

Your P.O.V.

I was at Felik´s place, he is designing a new dress and try it on me…

You: Auch! Felliks that hurt!

Feliks: What?

You: you pricked me with a pin… again *I whitened my eyes*

Feliks: Oh sorry, I should be unfocused…

You: should be… *sarcastic tone*

Feliks: Hey! I just, like, I keep thinking about what happened with Antonio… after class I saw the BTT talking about and I listened them…

*Flash Back*

Francis: just tell us what happened, why you were… there…

Toni: Ok… I will... I was there because I want to help her…

Gilbert: Ok, now you have 90% to possibilities hit you!!!

Francis: Wait Gil!, Toni  is this about… you know” that” thing you told me? *he wink to Toni*

Toni: Yeah… “that” thing *he said confused*

Francis: *he laughed* so that was! Gil I just I joke, he was with she because… he…were
thinking to invite her to hang out maybe a date … you know

Gilbert: mmm… know 100% *he approached Toni*

Francis: Non, non!! Wait he wanted invite her but to later make her a joke… after school, since we only can bother her in class. This is a way to make her feel bad even after school. But first he need gain his confidence and later BAM!  He could do something mean to make her cry! He figure it a scene like this

Gilbert: Really? Is that? But I asked if you knew why Toni was-

Francis: Yes, I forgot, I forgot, but oui, oui, was that! pretty cool, ha?

Gilbert: Yeah… but.. I don’t want torture her ALL THE TIME… I don´t want her to leaving the school or suicide…

Francis: Oooh really? See! you have something of goodness in your heart * he smirked* but we thought you would like the plan, right Toni?

Toni: Yeap!! It was… *he looked down*

Francis: YES! It was * he look him upset*

Gilbert: Ok guys, just don´t hide of me these things again! Man you surprise me! Planning all this, that´s cruel! I didn´t knew that side of you!

Toni: *nervous laugh* yeah sometimes I can be very cruel… I guess

-Final flashback-

Feliks: like, that was what I heard…

You: …

*I looked down, there´s nothing that I can say right now, I even tell Feliks what happened lately with Toni, I wanna talk with him, I want to hear this from his mouth… I take my backpack and run away Feliks´ house even with the dress and the heels he made me wear… And I called Toni…

Toni: Hi! __________ how-
You: I need to see you, is pretty important, in the facade of the Spanish Garden, in 30 minutes

Toni: Ok… well I´m actually with Lovino…

Toni: Toni is REALLY important, please!

Toni: Ok I´ll be there

-30 minutes later-

I can even walk with these things why he chose high heels… at least I can sit here and there is Toni… and Lovino…

Toni: Hey ________! What happened? Are you ok? Someone did hurt you?

You: Oh you are all of hypocrisy, cut the shit! Why you lied me? I thought we were friends! I trusted you!

Toni: What are you talking about?

You: I know everything about your plan with Francis to gain my trust! To later… still… * I feel how my voice is breaking right now* you betrayed  me…. You know something is enough! YOU WIN! I´ll leave the school, I can´t take this anymore… I will finish this week and then I´ll be gone…

Toni: I…*he had a sad face*

Lovino: *he started laughing* I can´t believe this scene! you said “Lovino, Lovino_________ needs me, I should help her! Probably she is in troubles! “ And later when we came you said “ohh  she looks so cute, but she looks so sad” hahaha and all that was hypocrite shit!! Hahahaha I can´t stop laughing, you are so mean… damn bastard! Hahaha

Toni: Please_________   let me explain

I looked him but he look at Lovino, who is trying to content his laugh… ¬¬

Toni … I´m sorry…

You: I thought you were different… the one of BTT who was different, no too much pervert, not too much spoiled, not too much conceited, not too much mean… I guess I was wrong

I left them there and I walked around for a while, I feel so stupid, how I trust him… all the thing he said and did to me, the kiss... was lie. Now I hate him more than I hate Gilbert!... Gilbert why you hate me so much? Why you still mind I did?...

Next day…  have a lot of miss calls in mi phone from Toni,  but I don´t want to talk with him anymore. I don´t even want to think what should prepare the BTT for today,  I should be prepared...

When I entered for the front door in a second a crowd was around me

X boy: so you see ________, we have balloons today too, but they don´t have water this time…

You: What?! What kind of sick people are you?!!! Let me alone!!

They raised their hand with the balloon, I just covered my face with my hand and close the eyes and…

***: HEY!! Stop that!

I looked up and was Antonio.

Toni: What is wrong with you people!! This is enough! If Gilbert put the mark on she I will take it off!

X boy: But he said-

Antonio: I don´t care what he said! Is in the past! Now if someone will try to do something her, you should better try to do this to me first! If you dare!

I was behind him

You: What are you doing? * I said him slowly*

Toni: I ´m not pretty sure yet… *he whispered*

He looked for my arm and down his hand to take mine…
Sorry 4 the late, here is  the part 4 :)

I hope you like it, the thing is I wanted to make the chapter 4 and 5 in just one but everything would happen too fast so I made it in this way, in next part, all the confusion will be clear

Prev: BTT x Reader: Hate! and Love? Ch. 3
What are we pretending?/ Chapter Three
After a few days, still awful, except for Feliks and Toris, they help me whenever they can, but is not enough. But someone else has been helping me lately... Antonio.
Some days he spent his lunch time with me in the terrace and keeps me informed about  Gilbert´s plans to torture me.
At least was Friday, no more school for the weekend. I was taking my stuff  in front of my locker when…
Toni: Hola ___________, how are you been?
You: Fine… well you know… still suffering * I laugh nervous*
Toni: Well, I was wondering if you thought about my proposal?
You: About the secret date
Toni: Shuuust! Don´t say it so loud!
You: * I laugh* of course…. Well… yeah … think so..
Toni:Great! I will see you tomorrow, in this adress *he gives me a note*  3:00 pm, ok? See ya!
Then he gives me a kiss in my cheek…
You: Hey don´t do that!
Toni: Hahaha do what? You look like

Next: BTT x Reader: Hate! and Love? Ch. 5
What are you hiding from me?/ Chapter Five
You: How did you know they wouldn´t dare?
Toni: I didn´t, I wasn´t sure… but I´m relieved there wasn´t Bella´s brother, he could have dared
You: Now you will tell me what happened, I thought-
Toni: I know… * he passes the hand over his forehead and rose a few wisps of brown hair* I called you several times, but I hadn´t response
You: But I asked face to face!
He approached  and took me by the shoulders…
Toni: I shouldn´t explain because Lovino was there, I had afraid that he would tell Feliciano, and Feliciano to Ludwig and Luwdig to Gilbert, what I could have said… But now *he raised his hand over my face* I will tell you everything preciosa…
You: Alright, begins to explain, I´m missing a class
Toni: So do I… *he exhaled* listen I never lied to you, I´m not a good liar. Francis always knows when I´m lying…

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Btw here is the cover picture:
 Spain: El Pais de la Pasion by Zamarazula
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I'm a grammar nazi, and I find it really annoying to read badly-written stories, which stands even more to show that your ideas are really good, since I actually stuck through all these chapters, but trust me, it would do you and your stories a world of good to improve your english, or at least get yourself a beta reader until you can improve yourself.
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