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What are you hiding from me?/ Chapter Five

You: How did you know they wouldn´t dare?

Toni: I didn´t, I wasn´t sure… but I´m relieved there wasn´t Bella´s brother, he could have dared

You: Now you will tell me what happened, I thought-

Toni: I know… * he passes the hand over his forehead and rose a few wisps of brown hair* I called you several times, but I hadn´t response

You: But I asked face to face!

He approached  and took me by the shoulders…

Toni: I shouldn´t explain because Lovino was there, I had afraid that he would tell Feliciano, and Feliciano to Ludwig and Luwdig to Gilbert, what I could have said… But now *he raised his hand over my face* I will tell you everything preciosa…

You: Alright, begins to explain, I´m missing a class

Toni: So do I… *he exhaled* listen I never lied to you, I´m not a good liar. Francis always knows when I´m lying… that´s why he lied to Gilbert in my place, saying that I was fake, pretending to be your friend, to have a chance to hurt you. He knew that I was hiding something but he wanted to talk with me first. I told him that a couple of weeks ago, I found you crying… that I walked you home every day,  that we are friends, because I thought Gilbert is being unfair with you… Francis agrees with me,  and he have a theory about why Gilbert is acting persistently bad with you. I planned to show up everyone that I´m by your side, if someone tries to hurt you, I ´ll be there…

You: You figure out that plan, even if it meant betraying Gilbert...

Toni: I´m not betraying him. I want to make him understand what he is doing to you is wrong, I´ll tell  but I need some time…  not yet *he smiled* hey look!

He pointed to a window where Francis was, looking at us, smirking…

Francis P.O.V.

Mon Dieu Antoine, what are you doing?... what am I doing? We are so f*cked.

At least Gilbert is a little distracted ... Roderich is in front of the literature class, reading aloud a poem that he had wrote, is a love one, I think is to Eliza… That might turn Gil in a bad mood, who is already making jokes  every time Roderich finishes a line, making everyone laughs, except for…

Vash: Could you shut up Gilbert!

Gilbert: Wuuuu looks like someone is in love of Roderich! kesesesesese

Vash: *whitened his eyes*  Just let Roderich finish the shit he is reading, scheiße!

Roderich: *face palm* Thank you Vash,I really appreciate your unconditional support *squinting over Vash*

When finally the class ends is time to lunch. I hear the blaring voices in the hall when Kiku came...

Kiku: Francis-san I should inform this morning when the students of first grade tried to fulfill the task that Gilbert- kun gave them, Antonio-san interfered

Francis: Oui oui, I heard about it already… I will tell Gilbert then *he winked*

Kiku nodded and went

Gilbert: Tell me what?

Francis: Gyaah!!! You were there?!  Ohh  mon coeur! Don´t scared me like that!... *I exhaled tired* you see... Alfred is inviting us to his Halloween party of this year…

Gilbert: Scheiße! Is in two weeks, I forgot about our costumes! What do you want to be this year?... Francis!

Francis: Haaaa...I would like-

Gilbert: I got it! What about “Walking Dead” costumes?!

Francis: Why you ask me? Always you decide at the end! *angry tone*

Gilbert: Hey! is not my fault that you don´t have better ideas!

Francis: If this year each one pick a different theme?

Gilbert: Why? We should choose a single one! My brother and his friends are picking an anime theme! You see? In group is better!

Francis: But why you decide every year?  *I sighed* I would like something sexy...

Gilbert: …Ok… but no naked!

Francis: HA? But! Alright… mmm… better let´s Antonio decides this time, you know?

Gilbert: *He growled* Ok, where is he by the way?

Francis: He... didn´t feel well, so he gone home

Gilbert: Alright, let´s call him!

WHILE /Toni´s P.O.V.

___________ and I decided to leave school  today and go to "Spanish Garden"

Toni: What else can I say? Sorry?

You: No, everything is explained ... but your explanation made me miss my class!

Toni: You could go to the third hour, but you didn´t want to, so it's not my fault, linda *smiled * Someone is calling ... * Pick up the phone * Is Gilbert! ___________ don´t  say a word .... Hey Gil! What ´s up?

Gilbert: Hi Toni, are you alright? Why did you leave us? You missed the cheesiest poem that Roderich wrote! What a fag! Hahahaha
Toni: No! Really? Hehe sorry… my… mom called me to help… her ...

Gilbert: Really? ... I thought you felt sick ...

Toni: I was also sick ... * I shrugged * well, what else you wanted to say?

Gilbert: Nothing, just let us know your proposal for our Halloween Costume

Toni: A costume ... haaaa ... ok ...

Mierda! I am very nervous, I definitely am not a good liar, and I tend to laugh too much and too fast answer when I'm lying ... Think!Think!

Toni: Plants!

Gilbert: ... plants?

Toni: And zombies? Hahaha  *I laugh nervous " Plants vs Zombies theme… the game…

Gilbert: Are you kiddi-? Haha only if you are a plant, perhaps the sunflower kesesesese

Toni: Hehe, if you insist Gil * nervous laugh *

Gilbert: You sound funny, are you with someone else?

Toni: Yes! No, no!

Gilbert: Ohhh I see! You are in a hot moment and I interrupted you!

Toni: No! wait yeah, yeah! Is that hahaha

Gilbert: Wuuuuuuuuuu who? * Pervy  tone*

Toni: Lovino!

Gilbert: uhhh .... I see ......... good for you ...

Toni: No! wait! Not Lovino! *Dios! Why do I say Lovino!* I'm with him, but we are not doing that things!

Gilbert: Hey is all right! You have your things it's better not to know ... we'll see tomorrow. See ya!

Your P.O.V.

Toni just ended to talk with Gilbert, he looks like he has a headache…

You: What happened?

Toni: Nothing! Just Gil thinks I´m gay now *I sighed* at least he will not suspect I was with you

You: Exactly! Is a thousand times better he thinks you are gay! Right? * I said sarcastic*

Toni: Arrgh  Lovino was the first name to came to my mind! and plants?! what is wrong with me?! *he faltered* I think I fucked up!

You:  Is not too bad!

Toni:  Really what I said sounded real?

You: No, at beginning sounded so fake when said you had help your mom, since you are not the most attentive son ever, is hard to believe…. But I think, if Gilbert thinks you talked nervous because you were with someone who results being  Lovino… is ok! Hahaha

Toni: Waaaa! Stop that!

WHILE /Francis´P.O.V.

Francis: wow that was rare… mmm…  I always knew that something would happen between them *smirk*

Gilbert: If I had known I would have that conversation, I had not put the phone on speaker *squinting *

Francis: Hononon, so he wasn´t sick after all ha?

Gilbert: No, he wasn’t *he glanced at me*

Francis: Well better be going Gil…

Gilbert: Wait a minute, that´s not Lovino?

Francis: Ha?... no is Feliciano *I said nervous* come on Gil! * I felt how Gilbert grabbed my arm hard

Gilbert: I knew that Antonio was doing something behind me, but I wasn´t sure, now I'm sure he dares to lie me,  I ´m pretty sure it´s something related with____________ I know you are hiding something! And you´re gonna tell me what is Francis!

I late to upload this because I had troubles with internet connection ... even now is really slow but finally the part 5

I hope you like it, so now Spain :iconspainsmirkplz: cleared the situation, but will have some problems with Prussia :iconpissedgilplz:

Prev: BTT x Reader: Hate! and Love? Ch. 4
Is enough!/ Chapter Four
Toni is near to have some troubles with Gilbert when he decided to sit on my table, acting like nothing is wrong, I can see Gilbert talking with Francis and how mad he is…
Gilbert: What is he doing there?!... Francis?
Francis: What?! I don’t know
Gilbert: Why is he sitting with those losers and with she… * staring at Francis*
Francis: Why you ask me? I have no idea, but I can go to bring him
Gilbert: No, we will talk with him later, now just ignore them…
Francis: I can do that but I´m sure that YOU can´t  *he smirk*
Gilbert: Shut up…
Of course I can don’t mind of it for a while… but for a reason  I´m just staring at there… even __________  is looking at here too…
Later that day
Antonio´s P.O.V.
I´m going down the stairs, while I´m texting with___________ , she is still kind of surprise by what I did, but right no

Next: BTT x Reader: Hate! and Love? Ch. 6
Can I? /Chapter Six  
We sat in a stone chess table face to face in the front side of “Spanish Garden” lunching something that Toni brought.
Antonio: My mom made churros, you should try it! *He gives me one*
You: Thank you
Toni: De nada! I was wondering if you wanna go to  Alfred´s Halloween party, since everything is resolved now-
You: Is not resolved yet! … you don´t understand, I´m still gonna leave the school
Toni: Are you leaving anyway? Come on! You can face it and I will help you…
You: I don´t want you to have issues with Gilbert and broke up your friendship…
Antonio: Don´t worry about me… I´ll figure out to how calm him out, but please don´t go preciosa...
I lowered my face but in a second I realized that he was really close… close enough to feel his breath… and almost to feeling his lips…
***: Mon Dieu you didn´t tell about this!

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Zamarazula Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Thank u so much!! Glad u like it! Bunny Emoji-87 (Thanks) [V5] 
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XD yeah! could be fun to see Lovino's tantrum.. even if Antonio suffers... but still fun :iconspainlaplz:
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