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Can I? /Chapter Six  

We sat in a stone chess table face to face in the front side of “Spanish Garden” lunching something that Toni brought.

Antonio: My mom made churros, you should try it! *He gives me one*

You: Thank you

Toni: De nada! I was wondering if you wanna go to  Alfred´s Halloween party, since everything is resolved now-

You: Is not resolved yet! … you don´t understand, I´m still gonna leave the school

Toni: Are you leaving anyway? Come on! You can face it and I will help you…

You: I don´t want you to have issues with Gilbert and broke up your friendship…

Antonio: Don´t worry about me… I´ll figure out to how calm him out, but please don´t go preciosa...

I lowered my face but in a second I realized that he was really close… close enough to feel his breath… and almost to feeling his lips…

***: Mon Dieu you didn´t tell about this!

Toni:  Francis!

I blushed, this is so embarrassing, what is he doing here? Is Gilbert with him!

Toni: What happened? You look awful!

Francis: Because I ran looking for you! “ Mr. I don´t wanna pick my phone” * he say exhaling*  

Toni: Did you call me? *He take his phone that was in his backpack* Ohh mierda! “15 Missed calls” I´m sorry Francis, but, what happened? Where is Gilbert?

Francis:  In the school… your alibi … he discovered you were lying… I really look awful? I don´t wanna lost my glamour *he glanced at me*

You: No… well a little you are disheveled, but what happened with Gilbert? You… told him?  how did you find us?

Francis:  Always Toni brings pretty girls to seduce them here *he wink*

Toni: Hey! Don´t say it in that way! *he blushed*

Francis: About Gil… well… I did something to get the opportunity to get out of there, that could makes he never forgive me...

*Flash Back*

What should I do? I promised not to tell anything yet, Gil will not understand…

Gilbert: I´m waiting!

Francis: Alright Gil, let me explain… but come closer…

Gilbert approached a centimeters of me, when I take his face between my hands and…

-Final flashback-

Toni: Did you kiss him?! What did he do then?

Francis: He was really pissed off, blushed and shocked so when he turns around I was gone… Later I went to your house… btw now your parents know that you weren´t in class, sorry for that, then I came here… and I found you kissing with______________

You: We weren´t kissing *I blush and glanced away*

Francis:  *Smirk* Sure! Now you know what we gonna do, right Toni?

Toni: Yep, eat churros because they are getting cold

Francis: No! We gonna give Gilbert an explanation… well better let me talk, you are not good speaking…

Toni: Está bien! Later tell me how was that! *he smiled*
Francis: We´ll go together! But you mademoiselle _______________ gonna tell me everything about it, because Toni filtered some information like the fact you are dating! *he took my chin*

You: *I slap his hand away* We are not dating,  Toni is such just a nice person that was helping me with the bulling in the school, that´s all!

Francis: Ohhh really? Why it could be? *squinting over Toni*

Toni: Because she is in a pity situation! * frowned *

You: Guys is getting late, I should go home

Toni: You want me to walk with you?

You: No, is ok, but I´m not taking back about I told you before

Toni: Really? *he had a sad face* you should reconsider  

Francis: Reconsider what?

Toni: Not leaving the school…

Francis: I see… mon cher  I think you shouldn´t rush into making a decision, is not big deal

You: You have no idea how was the last month for me!

After talking with them made me think if in case they are not Gilbert´s friends anymore… could result something good after all… If they are not his friends, he can´t have too much influence in the school by himself

Next Day /Francis P.O.V.

We meet with Toni before class at Gilbert´s locker…

Francis: Why I have the feel that he gonna hit on my beautiful face when he comes…

Toni: Hehehe maybe…


Gilbert: Hallo guys!

Francis: Ahh! Give me a heart attack! that´s fine! You were behind us!

Gilbert: Well is my locker, what brings here you today? Ha? *he rises an eyebrow*

Francis: *Why is he acting so cool?* We must to talk to you

Gilbert: Nooooo! You think?! What on earth make you conceive that amazing idea?!

Toni: Is not too amazi-

Francis: He is being sarcastic Toni, listen Gilbert we owe you a long explanation

Gilbert: That´s when you are right! But the thing is I don´t wanna talk with you now *he had a big smile on the face*

He has started to walked when bell rings

Francis: But is pretty serious Gil! Come to talk with us!

Arthur: Hey you three! Go class now! didn´t you heard the bell? Don´t make me report you!

Gilbert: You heard the hall monitor guys, better be going! Kesesesesese

In class now gilbert is acting like always, and that make me think... is he really mad at us?

While in your class / Your P.O.V.

I wonder if they talked already … but if they have a fight? Well in that case will be a big scandal… It had to be five mintues for lunch when I received a text from Toni: “Can we meet in library? Perciosa”

Alright, just when we can go to the break, I entered at library but  it looked desert …
I will text him, “I´m in the library”, while I waited for his answer I started to walk around there… he replied: “Do we have a library?”…. What? we supposed to see here...

Gilbert: Hallo______________

You: Why are you-
Gilbert: I´ll ask and you´ll give answers…

I looked at the door…

Gilbert: Even if you try, Ludwig locked it from out… So please *he drew a path to a big sunlit window. He placed there,on  the opposite side from the light, making hard to see his face* Seems have you were seeing Antonio behind me...

I shook my head

Gilbert: It would be easier if we accord don´t lie each other, to evade the damage to others *he pointed out of the window to Feliks and Toris*

You: You couldn´t  *I drew a nervous smile*

Gilbert: You think? As I could with you *he smiled*

You: *I exhaled* What do you want from me?

Gilbert: By now just to give answers…So Toni was helping you all this time, isn´t he?

I nodded

Gilbert: What about Francis? Since when is he implicated in this?

You: I don´t know…  I didn´t talk with him…

Gilbert: Did you talked with him yesterday?

You: Y-yes but

Gilbert: So since when?

You: I guess since Toni lunched with me in the cafeteria…

Gilbert: I knew it!  *he cleared his throat* he started to walking slowly at me while I turn back and he began again* So what kind of relation have with Antonio? Are you sleeping with him?

You: WHAT?! NO!

Gilbert: Are you dating?

You: NO!

Gilbert: Mmm, alright, alright… did he kiss you?

You: N-No…

He stopped but he was closer enough to see his face…

Gilbert: … I see… * he looked down*

When I try to move, he pulled his arms by my sides against a bookshelf, leaving me nowhere to escape…

Gilbert: So can I?...

He loomed his face at mine, staring with his intense crimson eyes, with tentative smile and nearly could feel his lips, when I covered my mouth and pull him away
You: What are you doing?! What do you want from me?!

He faster turns away

Gilbert: What do YOU want?! You want me to take off the “mark” of you?

You: That will not be necessary!

Gilbert: Yeah really?! Why not?!

You: Because I´m leaving school!

I almost can see a confused expression of Gilbert when he turned…

Gilbert: …. Are you leaving?...But I´m not bothering you that much as before…

You: Thanks Gilbert! Do you want a medal? The prize for not torture me that much as you could… Why do you cares anyway? You hate me!

Gilbert: I don-

Toni: __________! ____________!!! I think it could be a trap!

Francis: Mon cher! Are you there?! Leave us enter!

I could heard their voices by the other side of the door… but was Gilbert who opened it…
I know that every chapter I say that I´m sorry for the  late, but this time was a special problem to upload the part 6,
first beacuse I lost my notes and I couldn´t write this in "Word" and later because my internet conection is getting worst and worst...
But here is I hope u like, it result  different, so Gilbert tries a move with u...  :iconsexyprussiapls: why?  and Toni looks like he doesn´t take you serious in "that" way :iconsexyspain2plz: ... you will see in the next parts ;)

Prev: BTT x Reader: Hate! and Love? Ch. 5
What are you hiding from me?/ Chapter Five
You: How did you know they wouldn´t dare?
Toni: I didn´t, I wasn´t sure… but I´m relieved there wasn´t Bella´s brother, he could have dared
You: Now you will tell me what happened, I thought-
Toni: I know… * he passes the hand over his forehead and rose a few wisps of brown hair* I called you several times, but I hadn´t response
You: But I asked face to face!
He approached  and took me by the shoulders…
Toni: I shouldn´t explain because Lovino was there, I had afraid that he would tell Feliciano, and Feliciano to Ludwig and Luwdig to Gilbert, what I could have said… But now *he raised his hand over my face* I will tell you everything preciosa…
You: Alright, begins to explain, I´m missing a class
Toni: So do I… *he exhaled* listen I never lied to you, I´m not a good liar. Francis always knows when I´m lying…

Next: BTT x Reader: Hate! and Love? Ch. 7
Revelations /Chapter Seven
Gilbert left the library as if nothing had happened. Francis and Toni couldn´t talk to him and  I didn´t have time to talk with them either when the recess was over. So we meet after their soccer training.
Toni: Hey____________! Sorry for the delay! I´m so tired right now! Now tell us what happened with Gilbert. First ,how you got there?
You: I received a message from your phone!
Toni: Really? How could that be possible?
Francis: Since you usually leave your phone on the table in class, is not rare…
You: Well, he asked me since when you have been helping me, what kind of relationship we have and... he tried to kiss me
Francis narrowed his eyes over me and Toni had a WTF? face…
Francis: Hononon you still likes him...
You: Haa? what do you mean with "still"?
Francis: Almost a of year ago, , when you newly entered at the school, Gilbert commented something about you, caught his attention mon cher *he winked
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