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Revelations /Chapter Seven

Gilbert left the library as if nothing had happened. Francis and Toni couldn´t talk to him and  I didn´t have time to talk with them either when the recess was over. So we meet after their soccer training.

Toni: Hey____________! Sorry for the delay! I´m so tired right now! Now tell us what happened with Gilbert. First ,how you got there?

You: I received a message from your phone!

Toni: Really? How could that be possible?

Francis: Since you usually leave your phone on the table in class, is not rare…

You: Well, he asked me since when you have been helping me, what kind of relationship we have and... he tried to kiss me

Francis narrowed his eyes over me and Toni had a WTF? face…

Francis: Hononon still he likes you...

You: Haa? what do you mean with "still"?

Francis: Almost a of year ago, , when you newly entered at the school, Gilbert commented something about you, caught his attention mon cher *he winked*

You: Yeah! Sure!

Toni: Wait!  I was thinking Gilbert liked __________, by the way he looked at her and  when she was around, he acted unusually ... different. But he said you something?

Francis: I didn´t tell you mon ami, because you are such a gossip, also I thought it wasn´t too serious

You: Say it at once!

Francis: Easy __________, what he said... and I want to clarify he was drunk when he told me, because Gil couldn´t tell me in otherwise...


Francis: You´ll go for one more? How you gonna drive after? Look at Arthur *Sleeping next to Francis* he is out of combat

Gilbert: He is too weak to drinking! Also beer has a low alcohol level. *He took a drink* hey Francis! that frau is? You know!

Francis: *he turned* Who?

Gilbert: The girl with (your color of) hair and pretty (your color of) eyes… Ooooh wait! No! she is not… *sigh*

Francis: I´m not sure who are you talking about! What is her name?

Gilbert: I don´t know! I guess she is new, is in the same grade of my brother

Francis: Then ask Ludwig to ask her name

Gilbert: I did, but he coudln´t , I saw Feliks with her all the time! *grunt* how a girl like that talks with a looser like him!

Francis: *Staring surprised  at Gilbert* I don´t know… but I can ask her *smirk*

Gilbert: No! no, no, no… no I don´t want YOU near of her!

Francis: Why? Are you afraid that she could fall in love of me when she sees my sexy beauty? *he smiled and put a finger on the chin*

Gilbert: Shut up! Fag! You are such a pervert! You gonna make her uncomfortable!

Francis: …. Mmm * he nodded* you have a point, cheers?

-Final of Flash back-

You: That can´t be truth! I saw Gilbert flirting with a lot of girls! Why should be different talk with  me face to face

Francis: That´s because he heard you saying he was the person more annoying, rude, conceited and egocentric you could meet, didn´t you?

You: Yeah… but that was because he pushed Feliks, making fall over him his lunch and made everybody laughing! I was upset! But he is anyway!

Francis:  Don´t say that! he is not mean, just.. I think he is still resentful about Eliza

You: What  happened with Eliza? Is the second time you mention that

Francis and Toni looked each other

Toni: Well is long to explain… I don´t know if should we tell

You: I’m really involved on it! If it have something to do better tell me

Francis: Alright, Gil was in love of her but-

Toni: She broke his heart!

Francis: *Angry glance over Toni* Let me tell her! Well, they were friends since their childhood, Gil was thinking Eliza was a boy,  so when she went to her country for a while and then came back she had changed, she didn´t look like a boy anymore and even when sometimes Gil treated her like before, he started feeling something else and asked Eliza to be his girlfriend-

Toni: But she rejected him!

You: Ohh well, he can´t force her to be with him!

Francis: That´s not the reason why he is resentful… after a week, Eliza said him she wants to be with him after all… and Gil even when a little confused was truly happy, but after a month he finds… Eliza kissing with Roderich…

Toni: Sip!  so that was just a trick to make Roderich jealous and worked! But Gil was very hurt...

You: what kind of person would do that!

Francis: She apologized with Gil but he never forgave… She is not a bad person also Roderich, just it was an desperate and immature way to call Roderich´s attention. After that, Gil turned a little bit rude. But after all I think…  he figured out some feelings about you.

You: Aha… that´s why he tortured me all this time…

Francis: I said he likes you, not that he does know how to prove it  to you!

Toni: He is really, really, really, really clumsy with this kind of situation if it is something serious, not like the girls with whom he wants just hang around, or just to making out, you know!

This is confused, so technically he is an idiot at showing his feelings and the only time he did, finished with a broken heart.

Toni walked with me a few streets more and I would like to know something...

You: Can I ask you why you act too cool with Gilbert´s theme? I mean…  I´m trying to digest the fact that I would likes him, but… I thought you liked me…

Toni: what made you think that?

You: Ha? You asked me a date and you kissed me!

Toni: *he smiled* calm down__________ I was kidding! Of course I like you!  *he looked down*  I don´t know, you became really special for me, and I feel attracted by you, but Francis made me think  you deserve something better... I mean something more serious and I´m not playing in that way yet. I tried to define my feelings for you... of course I care that he could feel something for you too and I felt a little jealous... *he blushed* but later I realized that probably I wouldn´t be a good choice for you, because I´m still being a womanizer * he gulped*  and I would hurt you...

I almost could feel how his voice was breaking

You: That´s the worst excuse ever! So you are saying that I should choose Gilbert and forgive him for all the thing he did to me?!

Toni: That depends of you, but take a note that Gil… isn´t a bad person...*he smiled* And if is true that he really wanted to be with you... I don´t wanna be in the middle, I want to see him happy again

You: In the middle of what? There´s nothing there!

I cross the avenue

Toni: Hey __________! Where are you going?

You: I don´t wanna see you right now!

Toni: Don´t be mad at me preciosa!

Maybe he is right, if he knows himself so well as to know that if we start something,  he might cheat on me, then, what did he want?


Ok, I screwed up everything with_____________ How I tried to ki--- argh! I´m so stupid! of course she was going to reject me! she was afraid, I fucked up my opportunity to talk her and make change her mind of me!...There´s Lud and his friends..

Gilbert: Hey Lud!

Ludwig: Brother? Haaa… what are you doing here?

Gilbert: Nothing, just I saw you and thought walk with you guys!

Feliciano: Is ___________ ok? I didn´t see her after-

Ludwig: *he cleared his throat* we made what you asked us, anything else?

Gilbert: Nooo and yes! she is ok Feli *smile*

Ludwig: In that way, why are you following us?

Gilbert: Can´t I share with my brother? Also you can enjoy of the awesome me. Hey Kiku where  supposed you are going to?

Kiku : Hai! We are going to buy our Halloween costumes Gil-san

Ludwig: Brother don´t you have something to do with your friends? Bothering Roderich maybe? Care of Gilbird? Anything?

Gilbert: No really! So which costumes?

Feliciano: Veee! We choose the costumes from a game! I will be a wizard, Kiku will be a monk and Ludwig will be a-

Lud: BROTHER! We help you this morning with your crazy plan! If you need anything else just say it!

Gilbert: I don´t need anything else!...wait now you mention  * Ludwig face palm* I think I want to  change some things in the school.  I don´t want anyone to bother _________ anymore and Lud I want you help me  talk with her again

Ludwig: Why me? Can´t you ask your friends better?

Gilbert: No, must be you, I can´t talk with them yet

Feliciano: Did you got mad with Francis and Antonio?

Gilbert: No! Just I want to fix something by my own…*Ludwig gives me an angry glance* … with help of my little bro! kesesesesese

Ludwig: Alright! What you want me to do?

Gilbert: this is what you gonna do tomorrow…


At the end of friday, and my last day on this school,  I was looking something in my locker when Den with the rest of the Nordic boys, throw my books down...

You: Hey!

Den: Ohh sorry I didn´t see y-

Ludwig: Didn´t you know my brother said, don’t touch her again! If you want to know who has the mark now, check out on facebook!

You: Thank… you Ludwig…

Ludwig: *He glanced away* I think you forgot your notebook in the classroom

You: Did I? Nooo I couldn´t-

Ludwig: Come with me I will show you where it is

I entered to room, when I listened Ludwig close the door behind me and Gilbert was there

You: Nooo! NO! Ludwig don´t leave me alone with him!

Gilbert: Please!___________ Listen! just let me explain myself…
Here is the part seven, to clear what happened with Gilbert :iconprussianideaplz: who had help of his little bro :icondoitsuisserious2plz: even when he didn´t want to XD and what will happened with Toni... :iconspainchurrosplz:

I hope you like it!

Prev: BTT x Reader: Hate! and Love? Ch. 6
Can I? /Chapter Six  
We sat in a stone chess table face to face in the front side of “Spanish Garden” lunching something that Toni brought.
Antonio: My mom made churros, you should try it! *He gives me one*
You: Thank you
Toni: De nada! I was wondering if you wanna go to  Alfred´s Halloween party, since everything is resolved now-
You: Is not resolved yet! … you don´t understand, I´m still gonna leave the school
Toni: Are you leaving anyway? Come on! You can face it and I will help you…
You: I don´t want you to have issues with Gilbert and broke up your friendship…
Antonio: Don´t worry about me… I´ll figure out to how calm him out, but please don´t go preciosa...
I lowered my face but in a second I realized that he was really close… close enough to feel his breath… and almost to feeling his lips…
***: Mon Dieu you didn´t tell about this!

Next: BTT x Reader: Hate! and Love? Ch. 8
You think I can´t? / Chapter Eight
Almost at finish the school day, I just can´t believe what happened with Gilbert. Now everybody act like nothing happened, like nobody made me go through the hell these latter weeks. They, actually, are bothering someone else …
Vash opened his locker when a mount of  garbage fell onto him and they are starting to laugh…
Vash: HA HA! Sooo funny! I love u too idiots! Shut up! Or I´ll shoot you!
Toni appeared from the crowd
Toni: Poor Vash, You have no idea what he did to Francis!
You: I don´t care… (I looked away)
Toni: Are you still mad at me? (He say with sad tone)
You: No, well... I´m kind of surprise about what I talked with Gilbert…
Glbert: Please ___________ listen… I´m really sorry… for what I did to you, well technically I did nothing… but what people did under my orders (nervous laugh) I overreacted…. Would you forgive me ___________?
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